About us

Ensuring the digital future is humane.

The future will be high-tech, there is no doubt about it. As we know, the past year forced a global digital transformation, where companies will thrive when they embrace technology and can stay if not ahead of the wave, can at least ride it.

Here is where ThoughtIn steps in. With our new, user-centric, time-efficient products, we want to change the way customer service is handled.

Unfortunately, the lack of human connection is time-consuming due to miscommunication and misunderstanding from both sides.

Digitalization implies means saving costs, money, resources and most important time. Although plenty of industries benefit from this, the industry of customer service is still lagging behind, despite having chatbots, online chats and phone calls.

Who we are?

We are a product company who wants to humanize digitalization and to bring a human approach to customer service. Our main offices are in Cluj-Napoca and in London