Translate Podcast to Articles

Every podcast episode had two distinct targets

  • An Audience Which Speaks a Particular Language
  • A device on which they can listen the podcast

However if we could expand these two, a quality content (Podcast Episode) can reach beyond language and device barriers. The thought itself is not new but there are various challenges which Podcast owners faced whenever they tried to go multi lingual or multi format. Some of the challenges are

  • Manual effort in converting podcast to text is lengthy and time consuming
  • Automated methods of converting speech to text are not that accurate
  • Translation itself requires manual intervention by people speaking different languages

Keeping all that in mind we can say that there is a dead end.

But not any more !!

We have come up with a cloud based AI solution which frees you from hosting or maintaining any application. A web based interface where you can login and start converting your podcast to articles and that too in different language.

This also allows you to find in the text and insert relevant ads at relevant places.

You convert the text to a different language and then further convert the translated text to speech. Literally allowing you to produce a speech to speech translation and letting people from different geographies enjoy your content.

Interested? Want to know more?

Just give us a shout at and we will take care of the rest for you.


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